Core Stability Passion

Core Stability Passion

Friday 17 February 2017 - 15:44

Zdenek Stybar talked of the brilliant Quick-Step Floors campaign which he's been part of.

Every professional athlete trains his or her core, as it forms the basis of every motion. As the muscles of your torso support your spine and control your every movement, strengthening them and learning how to use them correctly has a spectacular impact on your performance and endurance as an athlete.

At Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team's training camps, every morning sees the riders attend a core stability session, in order to stay fit and prevent injuries which can occur during the long and strenuous season that starts in January and comes to a conclusion in October. Considering the importance of core stability and the fact that the contact with the floor is one of its key points, Quick-Step came up with the exciting idea of connecting flooring and cycling in a unique way for its newest campaign.

Tom Boonen, Marcel Kittel, Zdenek Stybar and Niki Terpstra, riders who between them have won more than 200 pro races, including 8 Monuments and 24 Grand Tour stages, posed for this one of a kind campaign which mixes the precision and effectiveness of core stability with the elegance and the high quality of the Quick-Step Floors products.

"It was a big honor to be selected for this quality campaign of our sponsor, and I have to say it was a really fun day, in which we discovered another side of Quick-Step", said Zdenek Stybar, one of the campaign's protagonists. "I really enjoyed it, also because for me it was something quite natural, as I do this every day. Thanks to core stability training I overcame many injuries and could tackle my main goals of the season in a good condition."

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