Etixx – Quick-Step presents its new mobile home

Etixx – Quick-Step presents its new mobile home

Friday 19 August 2016 - 20:50

Discover our camper, which will make its debut at the Vuelta a España.

Etixx – Quick-Step's newest addition comes in the nick of time, just as the team is getting ready to start the final Grand Tour of the season (20 August-11 September). From now on, no matter how long, dusted or challenging the road to and back from races will be, life is going to be much sweeter to the riders, who will travel in our Volvo FH, a 460-horsepower truck with automatic gear box, which can be elevated in four directions: front, back, left and right.

Customised to meet the needs of the riders, the motorhome was built from scratch by a team of engineers who worked with our driver Dirk Clarysse, starting from one simple idea: give the team its own mobile house, one which can be used in any race and every month of the season.

Beautifully crafted on the inside, the fully air-conditioned Volvo FH comes with a TV set and satellite connection, offering the riders the opportunity to watch a movie, TV show or sports event in order to relax, a home cinema system, a meeting room, nine seats each with its own charger, three ice baths for a fast recovery right after the finish, a bicycle compartment for the guys' Specialized machines, heating system, washing machine, fridge, showers, toilet, and to cap it off, a 20 000 W generator, thus making sure the truck has long-term autonomy.

Perfect for helping the riders take their mind off a race and start their recovery way before arriving at the hotel, the modern and classy motorhome of Etixx – Quick-Step will be seen on the roads of Spain over the next three weeks.


Photo credit: ©BrakeThrough Media