Five Unknown Facts: Philippe Gilbert

Five Unknown Facts: Philippe Gilbert

Wednesday 05 July 2017 - 02:46

Everybody is aware how the Quick-Step Floors riders came into the sport or what are their biggest results to date, but few or none know what movies and music they enjoy, or where they like to spend their holidays. Here's your chance to find out all these.

Favourite music: It can be everything. Can't name a certain band or artist whom I like; in the end, it all depends on the moment, the day or the motivation I have.

Favourite holiday destination: We always try to do something different. I mean, when I go together with the family on vacation, we like to visit and discover new places, to get in touch with the local culture, not just stay on the beach and bake in the sun. One vacation which we enjoyed a lot was last year, in Rome, which is a resplendent city, so rich in history and beautiful sights.

If not for cycling: I like to be outside, to spend time in the nature, so it's very likely I would have taken up gardening.

Other sports I follow: The World Rally Championship is a competition I love to follow every time I have the chance, as I'm rooting for Thierry Neuville. Last year, he finished runner-up and this season he's again in the mix, with a real shot at winning the world title.

Hobbies: Being a rider means making countless sacrifices and being on the road for many weeks and months, so spending time with my family is what I like to do the most. Having your loved ones around is the best thing life can give you, so I can pretty much say this is my hobby.


Photo credit: ©BrakeThrough Media

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