Maes, the beer best shared with mates, named official partner of Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team

Maes, the beer best shared with mates, named official partner of Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team

Monday 23 July 2018 - 13:22

As of January 2019, the Maes 0.0% logo will adorn the jerseys of the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team.

The Maes Brewery's alcohol-free edition will namely be an official partner of the Quick-Step Floors Team known as "The Wolfpack". There is no other cycling team with such a strong sense of unity as Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team, a bond that plays a major role in the success of this team in any given race. As the "beer best shared with mates", Maes shares the exact same spirit. Maes believes that the bond between real mates make them stronger as a group, a vision that is in perfect unison with that of #TheWolfpack.

The Maes Brewery has signed a multi-year deal with Patrick Lefevere's team. The announcement was made at a special press conference in Carcassonne on the second rest day of the Tour de France and in the presence of several top-name cyclists such as Philippe Gilbert, Yves Lampaert and Julian Alaphilippe.

The mates of The Wolfpack

Maes is the beer you share with real mates. And cycling may well be the one sport that brings mates together like no other. That team spirit is in fact what makes cycling one of the finest sports in Belgium.

Nowhere is that sense of group unity as strong as with the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team. Quick-Step Floors' riders have long been known as "The Wolfpack" and just like a pack of wolves, they do everything together as part of an extremely close family. That is why Maes has opted to forge an equally strong partnership with the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team.

Jan Bosselaers, Marketing Director at Maes: "We didn't hesitate for a second to join forces with this unique team. The Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team is one of the world's biggest and best. It was also immediately clear that Maes and the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team share the same values. At Maes, we believe that the bond between real friends makes them stronger as a group, a philosophy that fits that of The Wolfpack perfectly," says Bosselaers. "We are so excited to get started and very much look forward to working together over the coming years."


"I am very happy with this new collaboration," states team CEO, Patrick Lefevere. "Maes 0.0% is the perfect match for our team. No other brand projects the message of camaraderie like the "mates' brand". It will be interesting to work together and use our platform to spread the team and the brand messages in a creative way. No doubt we can expect many initiatives in the years to come."

As Yves Lampaert added, "A partnership with the 'mates' brand: an ideal combo, because we are also a real team of mates. Which is why I'm so glad Maes 0.0% will be the team's newest partner. Furthermore, it fits perfectly with our diet and it will be an original and healthy way to celebrate our victories next year. I hope that the new collaboration will encourage our fans to opt for the alcohol-free option every now and then: not only much healthier but you also don't have to stop drinking if you still need to drive home."

Maes 0.0%, the refreshing beer for great moments with mates

Maes hopes this collaboration will enable it to garner more fans for the "mates' brand", via the team but also cycling in general. And the brewery will do so with the Maes 0.0% brand. Awareness for the responsible use of alcohol and for a healthy lifestyle is growing. And while playing sport is an important part of healthy living for Belgians, the time spent sharing a drink with mates after training or a match are just as important. As of this year, those moments can be accompanied by Maes 0.0%, the perfect combination between a refreshing beer taste, 0.0% alcohol and, with just 20kcal/100mL, low in calories."We also hope to spark responsible alcohol consumption with this partnership, while making Maes 0.0% a popular choice within the daily life of the average Belgian," concludes Jan Bosselaers.

The Maes 0.0% logo will be visible on the backs of Quick-Step Floors cyclists as of 2019.


About Alken-Maes

As the number two player, Alken-Maes is the innovative challenger par excellence on the Belgian beer and cider market. With its pilsner brands Maes and Cristal, abbey beers Grimbergen and Affligem, specialty beers such as Mort Subite and Desperados, and the cider brand Strongbow, Alken-Maes boasts a very broad and well-balanced portfolio. In addition to its head office in Mechelen, Alken-Maes owns three breweries in Alken, Opwijk and Kobbegem as well as three distribution platforms in Mechelen, Wellen and Middelkerke. Alken-Maes employs around 500 people and its annual volume of 1.4 million hectolitres is good for a turnover of 200 million euros.

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