6D carnitine carnipure (80 caps)

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Fats are an important fuel source for the muscles during prolonged endurance exercise of light to moderate intensity. Moreover, a trained person burns more fat during such exercise compared to an untrained person. This means that trained athletes preserve more muscle glycogen, which enhances performance in the final stage of a prolonged endurance exercise. The availability of muscle carnitine stores determines the amount of fat that muscles can use for energy during exercise. It has been demonstrated that the level of carnitine in the muscle can be increased provided that the correct dose is ingested for long enough and always in combination with carbohydrates/sugars. Of course, it is not the intention to consume extra carbohydrates every time you consume L-carnitine. That would increase your body weight, which has a negative impact on your endurance performance. Therefore, it is important to always combine L-carnitine with a meal that is already high in carbohydrates/sugars, or with, for instance, a recovery shake after training. Consumption of L-carnitine tartrate in the form of Carnipure® during twelve to twenty-four weeks and always in combination with carbohydrates will increase the level of L-carnitine in your muscles. This stimulates the use of fats during low-intensity exercise, preserves glycogen for in the final stage of a competition, and can therfore improve your performance during prolonged endurance exercise.

“6d L-CARNITINE CARNIPURE®” contains 1,000 mg of ultra pure Carnipure® per capsule. “6d L-CARNITINE CARNIPURE®” is only of interest to (ultra) endurance athletes given that the effects of L-carnitine are only seen during prolonged endurance exercise of a light to moderate intensity.

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