6D caffeine gum - mint (60 pieces)

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It is common knowledge that caffeine stimulates mental alertness, and can delay fatigue. Therefore, caffeine can enhance performance across a range of sports, including endurance events, sustained high-intensity activity lasting from 1-60 min, but also in interval type sports (e.g. stop and go sports, such as football and tennis).

The effective dose of caffeine is usually between 1-6 mg per kg of body weight. While a dose of 50-75 mg (1-2 mg per kg) is mainly effective for improving reaction time and mental alertness, higher doses of 100-300 mg (2-6 mg per kg) are needed to enhance endurance exercise performance.

In addition to dosage, also the delivery form of the caffeine is an important consideration for athletes. The stimulating effects of caffeine delivered in the form of a chewing gum occur more quickly than when caffeine is ingested via capsules or tablets. Chewing ensures caffeine is absorbed directly via the lining of the mouth (oral mucosa). There is a notable performance boost within the first 15-20 minutes after consumption.

“6d CAFFEINE GUM” is extremely suitable for all athletes that want to boost their mental alertness and endurance. Moreover, “6d CAFFEINE GUM” contains 50 mg of fast-release caffeine. Fast absorption can be an additional advantage in situations when the start of a competition is unknown and/or when a (very) rapid effect is desired (e.g. tennis, when substituting during team sports, etc.).

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