6D energy sports drink (1.3kg)

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Carbohydrates are the most important energy source during intensive exercise. Due to the body’s limited storage capacity for carbohydrates, it is recommended to provide carbohydrates via the diet during (intensive) exercise of 60 minutes or longer.

The 6d ENERGY SPORTS DRINK is a sports drink with a higher carbohydrate content (12%) and higher osmolality (370 mOsm/kg) than an isotonic sports drink. As a result, the 6d ENERGY SPORTS DRINK aims primarily at suppling carbohydrates to the working muscles and to a lesser extent the supply of fluids to restore sweat losses. Especially during efforts in a cold environment, where the need for energy is greater than the need for fluids because of limited fluids losses through sweating. Due to its high sodium content (450 mg/500ml), this sports drink can also be used during exercise in a hot and/or humid environment, provided that this sports drink is combined with water or a hypotonic sports drink (like the 6d Hydro/ORS). Even in sports where the opportunities to supply energy are scarce (e.g. in team sports such as football), the 6d ENERGY SPORTS DRINK is a very good choice because of its high carbohydrate content.

Furthermore, the 6d ENERGY SPORTS DRINK contains a glucose:fructose ratio of 2:1 which allows the body to absorb up to 90g of carbohydrates per hour during exercise. This 2:1 ratio, and its acceptable osmolality (± 370 mOsml/kg), are the main reasons why this sports drink is better tolerated during exercise than most other energy drinks.

Finally, the 6d ENERGY SPORTS DRINK can also be used as a "carbo loader" to increase the energy reserves in the body, both before and after exercise.

In short, the 6d ENERGY SPORTS DRINK is the ideal choice for all athletes who mainly need energy (sugars), both before, during and after exercise, especially in a cold environment.

Suggested use

Mix 65g (= 2 scoops) of powder into 500ml of water.

Drink 250-750ml per hour during exercise, depending on the need for fluids and carbohydrates. Drink both cold and hot.

Nutritional information



/65g (1 serving)


 1571 kJoule

 1021 kJoule


 375 Kcal

 244 Kcal


 0,01 g

 0,01 g

      of which saturated

 0,00 g

 0,00 g


 93,82 g

 60,98 g

      of which sugars

 52,05 g

 33,83 g


 0,03 g

 0,02 g

 Proteins (as is basis)

 0,01 g

 0,00 g


 1,75 g

 1,13 g



maltodextrin; sucrose; fructose; acidity regulator (citric acid); trisodium citrate; sodium chloride; natural flavours; calcium lactate; calcium gluconate; potassium chloride; trimagnesium citrate; colorants: beta-carotene, spirulina extract (Arthrospira platensis); anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide. May contain traces of gluten, egg, milk, soy, peanuts and various types of nuts.



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