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6D hydro/ors (20 bags)

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During exercise the body loses fluids and electrolytes through sweating. Insufficient replacement of sweat losses during (endurance) exercise, especially in a hot and humid environment, will have a negative effect on exercise performance and may eventually result in muscle cramps. The 6d HYDRO/ORS is a low-calorie electrolyte drink that can be used as a source of fluids and electrolytes.The 6d HYDRO, as a single dose (= 1 sachet in 500ml water), contains only 3.7g carbohydrates, and 450mg sodium per 500ml bottle. As a result, the 6d HYDRO-solution is the ideal sports drink in preparation for, or during (endurance) exercise sessions in which athletes deliberately want to limit the intake of carbohydrates (e.g. fasted training).

The 6d HYDRO can also be used during shorter exercise sessions that lasts up to 1 hour, where there is no need to take in any carbohydrate. Thanks to its low-calorie content (± 15kcal per 500ml) the 6d HYDRO can also be used throughout the day to maintain an optimal fluid balance. The sodium (~salt) in 6d HYDRO stimulates the thirst sensation, and improves the retention of the ingested fluids in the body.By using a double dose (= 2 sachets in 500ml water), the 6d HYDRO becomes a typical ‘Oral Rehydration Solution’ (ORS). The 6d ORS contains 7.5g glucose in the form of maltodextrin, and 900 mg sodium per 500ml bottle. The combination of sodium and glucose, together with its hypotonic solution (± 210 mmol/kg) maximizes the absorption of fluids in the small intestine. Therefore, the 6d ORS is the ideal sports drink for athletes who not only sweat a lot, but also sweat out lots of salts. Also, during a long-term stay in a warm and humid environment (= tropical climate), the double dose is often recommended to maintain an optimal fluid and electrolyte balance. Moreover, thanks to its high salt content, the 6d ORS is the preferred sports drink to "pre-hydrate" the body before exercise and to "re-hydrate" after exercise. Especially after prolonged endurance sessions and competitions where fluid and salt losses are known to be very substantial and where large volumes of fluids need to be consumed to restore the fluid balance after exercise. For standard use during endurance exercise in a warm and humid environment, the 6d ISOTONIC SPORTS DRINK is recommended, since it already contains 450 mg of sodium per 500ml of water as well as 30g of carbohydrates. However, it may be required for some athletes to take in extra salt during prolonged endurance exercise (> 3 hours) in the form of the 6d ORS.

In summary, the 6d HYDRO/ORS is the ideal choice for all athletes that need extra fluids and electrolytes, without the extra carbohydrates and sugars, and especially in a warm and humid environment. Thanks to its neutral pH (~ 7.5), this drink extremely suitable for endurance athletes, because it is not 'aggressive' on the stomach and teeth. In fact, no acids were added to this sports drink.

Suggested use

6d Hydro

Mix 1 sachet (= 6g powder) with 500 ml of water.

6d ORS

Mix 2 sachets (= 12g powder) with 500 ml of water.

Nutritional information



/6g (1 serving 6d Hydro)

/12g (1 serving 6d ORS)


 1039 kJoule

 62 kJoule

 125 kJoule


 248 Kcal

 15 Kcal

 30 Kcal


 0,05 g

 0,00 g

 0,01 g

      of which saturated

 0,00 g

 0,00 g

 0,00 g


 61,77 g

 3,71 g

 7,41 g

      of which sugars

 5,40 g

 0,32 g

 0,65 g


 0,30 g

 0,02 g

 0,04 g

 Proteins (as is basis)

 0,06 g

 0,00 g

 0,01 g


 18,72 g

 1,12 g

 2,25 g



maltodextrin; trisodium citrate; sodium chloride; natural flavour; potassium chloride; calcium lactate; calcium gluconate; trimagnesium citrate; colorants: beetroot red, beta-carotene; sweetener: sucralose; anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide. May contain traces of gluten, egg, milk, soy, peanuts and various types of nuts.



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