6D isogel (12x60 ml)

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During exercise the combined ingestion of water with energy gels is often disregarded. Sometimes athletes simply forget to drink, or the situation does not always allow a combined intake. If gels are consumed without enough water, a concentrated mixture of carbohydrates will enter the stomach. The highly concentrated stomach contents with a high osmolality will slow down gastric emptying, and consequently the rate of absorption. Therefore, it is also more likely that gastrointestinal complaints will occur.The 6d ISOGEL contains only 20g of carbohydrates from a carefully selected form of maltodextrin with a very high molecular weight. As a result, the 6d ISOGEL is already isotonic by itself. This allows for a faster absorption than most other gels. A second advantage is the fact that the 6d ISOGEL does not require the combined ingestion with water to obtain an isotonic solution.

In short, the 6d ISOGEL is the ideal choice for athletes who cannot/do not want to consume water at the same time and/or during (intensive) exercise with a shorter duration (1-2 hours).

Suggested use

Use 1-3 gels per hour of exercise, depending on exercise duration and intensity.

Despite the fact that the 6d ISOGEL is already isotonic by itself, it is still important to hydrate.

Nutritional information



/60ml (1 gel)


 557 kJoule

 334 kJoule


 133 Kcal

 80 Kcal


 0,00 g

 0,00 g

      of which saturated

 0,00 g

 0,00 g


 33 g

 20 g

      of which sugars

 0,00 g

 0,00 g


 0,00 g

 0,00 g

 Proteins (as is basis)

 0,00 g

 0,00 g


 0,00 g

 0,00 g


pH value



~293 mmol/kg


water, maltodextrin, thickening agent (xanthan gum), acidity regulator (citric acid), natural lemon and lime flavour, preservative agent (potassium sorbate), sweetener (sucralose)



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