Franck Potier

Franck Potier



Biography of Franck

The story of mechanic Franck Potier’s journey to working with Deceuninck – Quick-Step is a varied an interesting tale. It starts in the traditional sense, in that Franck started cycling as a young amateur around his home town of Comines France, before becoming mechanic for one of best amateur teams around.

Franck then served in the military for a period of time, where he has part of the battalion of
Joinville, which catered for the best young sportsmen in the service. After this he then served as a teacher until 1991, when he returned to the sport of cycling as a mechanic with Cofidis and subsequently Deceuninck – Quick-Step. 

His passion for all things two wheeled doesn’t end at cycling, with Potier owning a Harley Davidson.