Frederick Pollentier

Frederick Pollentier



Biography of Frederick

As well as being an integral part of the team in his role as soigneur, ‘Fre’ as he is known also plays a very important role at Deceuninck – Quick-step, as he is the man who coordinates all of the team’s clothing.

This is far from a straight forward task. For example, each of our riders has kit customised and made to measure individually. So that is 25 riders to measure and fit, before taking in to account that we have 4 national champions, as well as Philippe Gilbert being able to wear the stripes of a former World Road Race Champion on his sleeve. All before then fitting our staff with the correct uniforms suitable for their respective roles within the organisation.

On top of this Fre is a familiar face at races and training camps in his original role as a hard working soigneur, where he looks after the needs of our riders, from helping them prepare for races, being the man in the feed zone, and giving them their much needed massage each evening.

For more on Fre’s work with our team clothing, see his blog here -