Guido Scheeren

Guido Scheeren



Biography of Guido

The popular Guido started cycling at a very young age, when he started competing at just 10 years old. It wasn’t until his mid-30`s that he made decision that he describes as ‘to make my passion my job’.

Guido was born in Germany near the border with Belgium and the Netherlands, where after leaving school he worked in his mother’s grocery store, before serving in the military for 4 years. After being discharged he worked for his father’s company for a short period of time, before deciding the time was right for him to follow his dream and work in cycling.

His talent was soon spotted, and he began to work with a small amateur team in Germany, before his big break with the T-Mobile team. When they disbanded, he joined Deceuninck- Quick-Step, where he has enjoyed working ever since, describing that atmosphere and excitement of the big races as his main motivation.

He still enjoys cycling, mainly riding his mountain bike with friends around the forests near his home. And when not doing this he spends time with his young family, as well as having a passion for cooking in the new kitchen that he recently treated himself to.