Manu Wemel

Manu Wemel



Biography of Manu

Manu has worked with some of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step riders before officially joining the tea, as he has owns a private practice in Waregem which has ran for 10 year. He has experience in working with a wide range of athletes from cycling, football and triathlon.

He was keen to work with the team due to his passion for cycling, all though he has never competed. Like everybody in Flanders he grew up watching the big races and gets a real kick from them. This has grown as he started to work with many of the riders and has been to watch more events live as he got to know the riders through his work.

His involvement with the team is on two levels. During the season he will offer more manual treatments to help with the wear and tear of cycling. During the off season he will work with the riders on their core stability and strength. He say this is coming more import to cyclists, and can make a big difference to prevent injuries and enhance their performance. A stronger core can make them more stable and when in turn gives them more power.

Wemel has three kids, a 4 and a half year old boy and twins aged 1 and a half.