Marije Jongedijk

Marije Jongedijk



Biography of Marije

As a sports nutritionist, Marije Jongedijk is convinced that nutrition is a performance-determining factor. "The right diet can help an athlete to perform a little bit better," she says. It is therefore her passion to guide athletes in achieving their sporting goals. Every person is unique, which is why she uses individual nutritional guidance tailored to the athlete.

Marije, who was born in the Netherlands but now lives in West Flanders, has been trained as a nutritionist and dietitian at the Hogeschool van Gent. She then specialized further in sports nutrition at the HAN in Nijmegen. Moreover, in March 2019, Marije successfully completed an additional Advanced Sports Nutrition training course at BARCA Innovation HUB Universitas, led by Asker Jeukendrup. Immediately after her studies, Marije Jongedijk started working as a sports nutritionist at Energy Lab and REV-Recovery & Performance Centers. She soon discovered that she was getting the most satisfaction from the guidance of top athletes and that she wanted to boost her career. In the meantime, she is working for Deceuninck – Quick-Step, for Club Brugge and the Bakala Academy. "A dream come true! Cycling is a fantastic sport," she says. “Cyclists are real top athletes. On a nutritional level, there’s really a lot I can do. Sports nutrition has a lot of possibilities and applications within cycling.”

Marije has been a fanatic athlete from an early age. She likes running, swimming, cycling and especially horse riding. In 2017, she was given the opportunity to work as a professional dressage rider in an Olympic-framed training stable. She’d been working there for a while, but due to a serious accident with a horse, she had to leave the training stable. A hard blow! Because top sport... well, it makes her tick! Her next dream: to be a top sports nutritionist! Top sport is close to her own dream and that’s why she gets so much satisfaction from guiding top athletes in nutrition.

By the way, she still does horseback riding, although she’s left the races for what they are. Marije also remains a fanatic runner. Every week there are about 60-80 km on the clock. Her mottoes: Carpe diem and Let’s work hard and do great things!