We give you the new home of #TheWolfpack!

We give you the new home of #TheWolfpack!

Sunday 11 March 2018 - 12:25

Quick-Step Floors has a new team motorhome and it looks absolutely breathtaking!

It took months of work and preparation, but now the new bus is finally here. Our bus driver Dirk Clarysse worked together with Carminati Hi-Fi on the design for the interior of the motorhome. After talking with the riders and staff about what they think is important to have in a bus, and not to forget the years of experience Dirk has as a bus driver, he sat down with the designers and developed the bus the way it is today. It's what we call a "functional design", where all the parts come together in a spectacular blend of class and functionality.

"It took a lot of work, effort and trips to Italy to get the motorhome delivered in the finest details, ready for the new season. For me it's a passion that I have for many years, as I'm really interested in buses, trucks and campers, and to get the full trust and confidence of the team to create this new bus is a big honor for me", Dirk said.

"The first thing you have to do when getting a new bus is look for the best model which suits you. I like very much the model of MAN, because it is big but not too high which is very important. We have opted for MAN because soon we'll have also a new truck from them and for me it's very important to have the fleet from the same brand. Also, they are close to our service course in Wevelgem and that is a big advantage as well. They give the best service worldwide and for a cycling team such as ours, who travels all around the world, this is a very important aspect. We drive every year more than 50 000 kilometers and reliability is a crucial point."

The exterior of the motorhome is cool and sublime, and as usual, the details are the ones making the difference. If you turn around the motorhome you will discover a wide range of amenities such as washing machines and dryers, hidden storage places and a high-capacity space to store bikes and materials in case of need.

But it's inside that the motorhome reveals itself in all its splendour! Entering the motorhome it feels like stepping inside the top business class lounge of an airplane. You immediately get a warm feeling, and once inside the bus it's like being home; to have a peaceful place before and after a race is vital for our riders.

Each rider has his own lounge chair which turns towards one another to get an open feeling; this is where the riders can reflect on the races and where our team meetings are being held prior to every race. It's also a comfortable way to travel during the long transfers from and to the hotel.

The bus is equipped with a high-end sound system provided by Bang & Olufsen, and in order to not miss a single second of a race, we have also two beautiful Bang & Olufsen television sets!

The floor is, of course, designed by our main sponsor, Quick-Step! And this is the perfect combination one can ask for. We went for vinyl flooring – "Black Slate Vinyl Tile" – which is ideal for a bus where, after races like Strade Bianche or Paris-Roubaix, riders look like coming out of a mud bath. So with this floor it's easy to keep it clean and classy at the same time.

The impeccable mosaic details in the showers and toilets are all handmade by Carminati Hi-Fi.

If there was any more need for it, then the new Quick-Step Floors motorhome comes as extra proof that we give only the best to our #TheWolfpack!


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele/ Getty Images

                        ©Sigfrid Eggers

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