Franck Alaphilippe

Franck Alaphilippe

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Biography of Franck

Just as the 2019 road season came to a close, Franck Alaphilippe, cousin of Vélo d’Or Mondial laureate Julian, joined The Wolfpack as a trainer.  Aged 12, a friend introduced him to cycling. Young Franck was immediately passionate about the sport and started competing on amateur level, which he did up until his 29th birthday. As he had taken an interest in training methods, he obtained a coaching degree in Bordeaux in 1994, i.e. the “Brevet d’Etat d’Entraîneur Sportif”.

Franck wanted to share his experience and passion for cycling with young riders and became responsible for a training center for young athletes from ages 15 to 18 in his home town Saint-Amand-Montrond. For a number of them he subsequently provided individual coaching follow-up both on amateur and professional level, including Julian, whom he guided and coached from his early beginnings as a rider.

He doesn’t really have a preferred race, “because they all have their own interesting specifications.” Although – obviously – he’s got a particular attraction to the Tour de France. Furthermore, Franck has studied music theory and plays the accordion. He likes listening to all kinds of musical genres and has a weakness for sweet foods.